Seminars 2013

Institute of Ethnology invites you for the series of seminars that will be held in October - December 2013 at Klemensovej street No. 19, in Bratislava.

22. október 2013
Gabriela Kiliánová (Institute of Ethnology SAV):
The Role of social and humanitarian sciences in the current  society (The case of Slovakia)
19. november 2013
Alexandra Bitušíková (Institute of social and cultural studies, Faculty of Arts, UMB Banská Bystrica; national deputy for socio-economical and humanitarian sciences in the programme of EU Horizont 2020):
Horizont 2020 – programme of  the Europian Union to support science, research and inovations in the years of 2014 - 2020
26. november
Daniel Luther (Institute of Ethnology):
Bratislava – multikulcultural or polycultural city?

Peter Salner (Institute of Ethnology):
Interwar Bratislava: myth of the trilingual city
10. december 2013
Tomáš Hrustič (Institute of Ethnology):
Concept of  foeneration in segregated Roma settlements