Songs and ethnic identification of Slovaks in Hungary: research from 1991-2017

KREKOVIČOVÁ, Eva: Piesne a etnická identifikácia Slovákov v Maďarsku: výskum z obdobia 1991-2017. Bratislava: VEDA 2018. 264 s. Etnologické štúdie 33. ISBN 978-80-224-1698-6.

The publication presents the first part of the results of research into the song repertoire, singing opportunities and ethnic identification, carried out in selected communities of the Slovak language islands in Hungary in the years 1991-2017 in 27 localities.
The author carried them out as part of interdisciplinary research organized and funded by the Slovak Research Institute in Hungary, based in Békéscsaba. The selection of research points was intended to provide the widest possible overview of the types of settlement, employment patterns and cultural diversity of the minority as a whole.

More than 1,500 songs (along with melodies) were recorded. Only some of them have been published so far, another part is waiting to be processed. The research followed: 1. song as a cultural heritage; 2. repertoire of songs (secular and spiritual) in the widest possible range.
The book contains two parts: 1. an introductory study and 2. a collection of songs with commentaries.