Summer Interdisciplinary Ethnography Field School in Mauritius

The Summer Interdisciplinary Ethnography Field School in Mauritius program is targeted towards students across all fields in the social sciences and the humanities. In particular, it is suitable for students interested in interdisciplinary social scientific research, cultural and religious diversity, as well as area studies, thanks to its location and emphasis on Indian Ocean and African history, cultures, and religions.

This course will provide an introduction to ethnographic fieldwork through daily virtual interactions with a group of Mauritian students, scholars, artists, activists, and other local people, who will open the doors to their world, —and even to their homes— to us. It will go through qualitative as well as quantitative methodologies, which will be applied to real-life data collection in collaboration with our Mauritian team. Moreover, it will examine key epistemological and ethical issues pertaining to the study of culture. Finally, it will provide an overview of Mauritian culture, with an emphasis on its extraordinary diversity.

This program involves students in interdisciplinary research that combines laboratory and field methods, engages them in challenging and diverse learning environments, exposes them to global cultural diversity, and provides opportunities for immersive and experiential learning. The course offered is interdisciplinary and coursework is related to Cultural Anthropology, Social Psychology, Cognitive Science, Religious Studies, and Area Studies (Africa and Indian Ocean).

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Registration deadline: 15. 02 2022