Ethnographic Research of Non-Religion and Secularism in Modern Slovak Society (life trajectories and stories)

The population of non-religious people and people not affiliated in any church in Europe (but also in the US) has sharply increased throughout the past decades. At present, this population represents the second largest in most European countries. According to the recent findings, it is the most numerous group in the population of young adults (16-29 years) (Czech Republic, Estonia, UK). According to statistical and other international research, the size of this group in Slovakia is between 13 and 22%. While research of non-religiousness and secularism in other European countries is conducted by independent institutes and international network projects, no qualitative research has so far been carried out in Slovakia among this population sample. The project aims at presenting the ethnography and geography of the non-religious and secular people´s landscape and their divergent values and behavior patterns on the basis of their life trajectories and stories.