T. Hrustič and A. Belák co-authored the publication on the impact of COVID-19 on Roma communities
Our colleagues Tomáš Hrustič and Andrej Belák co-edited the Slovak part of the publication Romani Chronicles of COVID-19. Testimonies of Harm and Resilience. The publication is edited by Paloma Gay y Blasco and Martin Fotta, published by Berghahn Books.
A new issue of the Slovak Ethnology has been published
A new issue of the Slovak Ethnology 2/2023 has just been published. The latest issue is in English and consists of four thematic papers. All texts are now available online.
UESA SAV participated in DARIAH Annual Event 2023 in Budapest
At this year's conference, DARIAH Annual Event 2023: Cultural Heritage Data as Humanities Research Data?, which took place on 7-9 June 2023 in Budapest, took part our colleagues from the UESA SAV Research Collections A. Gogora, T. Kubisa, and B. Siváčková.

Our Mission

The Institute was founded in 1946 as the Ethnographic Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences and Arts. In 1994 it was renamed to the Institute of Ethnology of the Slovak Academy of Sciences and later in 2018 to the Institute of Ethnology and Social Anthropology the Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAS), and, today, it is one of the leading institutions in the field of ethnological and anthropological research in Slovakia.

Our mission

Our research focus is distributed between basic, problem-oriented and applied research. We contribute to the search for scientific answers to current as well as historical social issues and challenges. We conduct the field research in Slovakia and abroad – in Central Europe and elsewhere in the world.


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The 16th congress of the International Society for Ethnology and Folklore (SIEF2023)
The 16th congress of the International Society for Ethnology and Folklore (SIEF2023) with the theme Living Uncertainty will take place in Brno from 7th to 10th June 2023.   Our colleagues from the IESA SAS will convene three panels at the conference: ...
The Khanty Bear Ceremony between Perspectivism, Extractivism, and Paternalism. Transdisciplinary research on Indigenous cultural heritage in Western Siberia
We invite you to a professional seminar of our institute with a foreign guest (in English), which will take place on Tuesday, February 7, 2023, from 1:00 p.m. in the ÚESA premises at Klemensová 19 in Bratislava. Our guest dr. Stephan DUDECK z Institute...
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Report from the Academy of Romani Studies 7
The Institute of Ethnology and Social Anthropology of the Slovak Academy of Sciences in cooperation with the Seminar of Romani Studies of the Department of Central European Studies of the Faculty of Arts of Charles University organised the Academy of...


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Valentine’s Day in Slovakia
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Volkskunde in den Diensten des Dritten Reiches : Deutsche Forscher und Forscherinnen in der Slowakei
obal The Divided.
The Divided, Yet Together: Borders in Oral History Perspective: 8th International Conference of the Czech Oral History Association. Book of abstracts
09250825obal Story of Cohesion
Story of Cohesion: On the History of an Academic Institution