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Volkskunde in den Diensten des Dritten Reiches : Deutsche Forscher und Forscherinnen in der Slowakei
obal The Divided.
The Divided, Yet Together: Borders in Oral History Perspective: 8th International Conference of the Czech Oral History Association. Book of abstracts
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Seven (Jewish) Problems: Social Culture of the Jewish Community from the Perspective of Ethnology
03171025titulná strana The Story.
The Story of Bratislava from the Beginning of 20th Century
05221432obálka Valentín ..
Valentine’s Day in Slovakia
Andrej Melicherčík - personality in time, time in personality
Transactional activism in Bratislava: A case study of Nová Cvernovka cultural and creative centre
Civil ceremonies in socialist Czechoslovakia and post-socialist Slovakia
The Socio-Cultural Capital of Successful Village
Second Chance Education in Slovakia: Implementation and its barriers
Záhorie at the beginning of the 20th century: Demographic picture of the traditional region
Ethnography in Slovakia in the service of the Third Reich

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