Research Collections

The Research Collections along with the Library form the Information and Documentation Section (IDS) of the IESA SAS. The Research Collections have been operating since 1953 as an integral part of the Institute and provides documentation, information, and technological support for scientific and research activities.

Research Collections


Pictorial collections

  • Collection of photos (photo negatives, photo positives, diapositives, digital images)
  • Collection of drawings
Group 765

Audiovisual a other collections

  • Collection of sound recordings
  • Collection of film recordings
  • Archive of the Ethnographic Atlas of Slovakia
  • Archive of the Encyclopedia of Slovak Folk Culture
Group 766

Textual collections

  • Collection of research reports
  • Collection of F. Wollman
  • Inheritance of husbands Beraneks
  • Collection of magical and religious texts
  • Collection of fairy tales
  • Collection of prose
  • Collection of folksongs
  • Collection of folk ballads
  • Collection of paremias