Patterns of social mobility of the Roma in the light of empirical research. Critical reflection of existing practices and collection of new data.

The aim of the project is to carry out an in-depth research on the phenomena related to the social mobility of the Roma. The team will heuristically assess the academic and applied approaches to studying of the living conditions and social mobility of the Roma population in Slovakia and will focus on broadening the knowledge base in relation to social mobility. The project will evaluate existing academic and applied research and secondary data sources on Roma living conditions in an interdisciplinary perspective. It will also implement empirical ethnographic and sociological research to measure the changing living conditions and social mobility of Roma in Slovakia, including the living conditions of so called the integrated Roma and strategies of Roma elites and leaders in the production and reproduction of social capital. In the application level, the project will bring to the policy makers the social mobility patterns of the Roma as well as the possibilities and forms of monitoring and data collection on social mobility and the changing living conditions of the Roma population.