Crisis – threat and challenge: strategies for coping with the pandemic situation in families and schools

The pandemic situation has mixed the work and personal spheres without the possibility of their separation. The role of parents also changed in it, and they were given responsibilities for which they were not prepared. The experiences of older children (11 – 18 years old) overlapped with younger ones (isolation, online education), but they also faced other challenges associated with growing up. A significant group of actors are teachers who have met various pressures, e.g. on the readiness to accept the required changes and technologies, (self-)evaluation of teaching effectiveness, etc. Therefore, in the project, we focus on their job satisfaction and burnout tendencies, which will help us understand their attitudes outside the pandemic situation. Another source of stress requiring different coping methods for all participants was often the different access to information or attitude towards the pandemic. Anthropological expertise seems crucial in the project because we apply the criteria identified during the research as relevant for the individual researched populations and respect the relevant actors’ needs to assess successful and unsuccessful load management.