Actual Projects

Finished projects

Ritual behaviour as a stretegic tool for group identification: the social and cultural contexts of contemporary holidays in Slovakia
Transformation of Jewish community in Slovakia after 1989
Eating patterns of the population of Slovakia during the period of socialism
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Maya ritual and astronomical complex – research, conservation and presentation of Slovak discovery of world importance
A new corpus of Maya hieroglyphic inscriptions from the city of Uaxactún
What is a holiday in the 21st century in Slovakia? To the issue of the social context of rituals
Roma in majority society: the research of models of mutual cohabitation
Folk knowledge and its social and cultural conditions
Slovak society in temporal and international comparisons
Adaptation of urban inhabitants in the processes of social change
The history of ethnology in Slovakia in the second half of the 20th century: continuties and discontinuities in scholarly enquiry
Local initiatives from civic area in settlements' development