Actual Projects

Snímka obrazovky 2023-11-03 o 14.06
Research of religiosity, spirituality and irreligiozity among the Roma in Slovakia
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Technological and sociocultural contexts of material culture innovations: an ethnological perspective
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Revitalization of cultural heritage in public space as a reflection of global influences on rural and urban communities
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Intergenerational relationships in families and communities: an ethnological perspective
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Species-rich Carpathian Grasslands: Mapping, History, Drivers of Change and Conservation
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People in Non-Democratic Regimes. 1938-1989 in the memory of the Slovak majority and the Jewish community. An ethnological perspective
Halloween (copy 1)
The Process of Eventisation in the Festive Culture of Slovakia in the 21st Century
Suburbanization: Community, identity and everydayness
This is not true, but it could be": Conspiracy theories and hoaxes the modern development of Slovakia in the European context

Finished projects

The impact of relocated workplaces of secondary vocational schools on the social inclusion, employment and social mobility of Roma
Ministerstvo skolstva SR
Crisis – threat and challenge: strategies for coping with the pandemic situation in families and schools
Ethnographic Research of Non-Religion and Secularism in Modern Slovak Society (life trajectories and stories)
Folklore, folkloristics and ideology
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Patterns of social mobility of the Roma in the light of empirical research. Critical reflection of existing practices and collection of new data.
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Collective Rituals as a tool of social regulation
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Reflexive Writing as a Method of Ethnographic Inquiry
Analysis of Barriers in Access to Employment for Marginalized Groups of Population: Selected regions of Slovakia in socio-economic, geographic and socio-anthropological perspective
slovakia village
Socio-cultural capital of successful villages as a source of sustainable development of the slovak countryside
IDENTITA.SK - joint platform of design, architecture and social sciences
Current images of socialism
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Ethnology in the Regions. History of the Slovak Ethnology in the 20th Century an the Basis of the Research the Personalities from regional Institutions

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