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Ethnology in Slovakia in the 2nd half on the 20th Century. The History of Scientific Thinking
History of ethnology in Slovakia in the 20th century. Institutions, personalities, projects, results
Sociological and anthropological analysis of product consumption and leisure activities in Slovakia
Ethnology in Slovakia in the second half of the 20th century. History of scientific thought
Urban environment as a space of diversity (in the conditions of open and totalitarian societies)
History of the Slovak Lutheran Church
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The traditional culture of Slovakia as part of the cultural heritage of Europe
Narrative Everydayness in the Context of Historical Turns in the Czech Republic (and) Slovakia after 1948, 1948, 1989, 1993, from the Point of View of Value Development Dynamics
Slovak-Slovenian relations in traditional culture
From folklore text to folklore context. Genre, cross-genre, cultural-historical and anthropological aspects of folklore research
Diversification as a factor of identity formation
Local and regional development in the context of European integration