Administration board

Scientific Board of IEASA SAS v. v. i.  announced on 1st February 2022, the elections to the Administrative board of IESA SAS, v. v. i. The elections will take place according to the Model Electoral Rules for the position of a member of the Administrative board of a public research institution established by the Slovak Academy of Sciences on 16th May 2018 and in accordance with Appendix no. 1 to these Rules of 22nd November 2021, fulfilling the requirements of Article 3, paragraph 3, on the declaration of election.

Up to 26th January  2022, the following candidates submitted their candidatures (in alphabetical order):

Soňa Gyárfáš Lutherová
Branislava Kolesárová
Jaroslava Panáková
Monika Vrzgulová

Scientific Board of IEASA SAS v. v. i. stated that the candidates had fulfilled the conditions required for their candidature. Their written presentations of their idea of ​​working in the Board of IEASA SAS v. v. i., as well as the names of eligible voters can be found in the appendices below.

Elections to the Board of Directors will take place online and eligible voters will receive a link by e-mail.