The Black and White Worlds

PODOLINSKÁ, Tatiana - HRUSTIČ, Tomáš (Eds.): Čierno-biele svety. Rómovia v majoritnej spoločnosti na Slovensku [The Black and White Worlds. Roma people in the Majority Society in Slovakia]. Bratislava: Veda, 2016. 595 pp. ISBN 978-80-224-1413-5.

We perceive the world unkown to us as an opposite of our own. It is inhabited by the people who we consider to be our enemies or - in the worst case - non-humans. The news we get from this world are simplified, distorted by the filters of created by the group expectations on the both sides. What is the Roma world like through the perception of the Non-Roma people? How do we behave towards each other? This book provides the answers for these questions.