Danube Compass at the 6th Integration Forum

On October 10th 2018, Boris Divinský as a thematic expert of the DRIM project (Danube Region Information Platform for Economic Integration of Migrants, Interreg Danube Transnational Program project Nr. DTP1-1-183-4.1) on behalf of the Slovak partner within the project - the Institute of Ethnology and Social Anthropology of the Slovak Academy of Sciences – participated in an international conference organised by the Human Rights League in Bratislava. The League is one of the foremost non-governmental organisations, engaging in the migrants’ and refugees’ issues in the Slovak Republic, especially their legal support and advocating.
The conference formed already the 6th so-called Integration Forum – a platform for meeting specialists from the practice, policy-makers, researchers and members of migrant communities, both from abroad and Slovakia. Here they discuss topical issues referring particularly to the integration of migrants in society. Integration Forum 2018 presented inspiring examples of integration from various European cities, as well as research outcomes mainly from the area of employing foreign nationals in Slovakia. In this context, DRIM thematic expert Boris Divinský informed in person the director of the Human Rights League – Ms. Števulová – about the recently launched Danube Compass. Then, for all attending persons, he also distributed in situ some 50 pieces of promotional materials, flyers and posters, informing on the substance, objectives, activities and outcomes of the DRIM project.

Another asset of participation in the mentioned forum was an informal meeting with a high representative from the International Organisation for Migration in the Slovak Republic – Mr. Slama, the director of the IOM Migration Information Centre. The IOM, as the most important migration institution in Slovakia already provided assistance to tens of thousands of migrants in the country. For that reason, Boris Divinský outlined Mr. Slama a possibility to participate in ensuring the operation of the unique information platform Danube Compass following the termination of the DRIM project as a matter for further common negotiation. At the same time, the representative of IOM received another 50 pieces of DRIM flyers and posters in order to promote the project through the organisation’s own dissemination channels.