Ethnological Disputes

Until 2008 the periodical Etnologické rozpravy was published jointly by the Institute of Ethnology, SAV, the Slovak National Museum and the Ethnological Society of Slovakia.
It followed in continuity from the Národopisné informácie/Ethnological Information  (1967–1993), appearing twice yearly. 

In January 2009, following a mutual accord between the statutory representatives of the three co-publishing bodies, an agreement was concluded on the ending of co-publication of Etnologické rozpravy. The periodical passed into the administration of the Ethnological Society of Slovakia, which became the publisher of Etnologické rozpravy.

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From 1994 the periodical Etnologické rozpravy (henceforward ER) had been the continuator of the internal non-periodical bulletin Národopisné informácie/ Ethnological Information (founded 1969), published by the Slovak Ethnological Society (today the Ethnological Society of Slovakia – NSS) and the Ethnological Institute, SAV (today the Institute of Ethnology, SAV – ÚEt SAV). Later the Slovak National Museum in Martin became a further co-publisher of ER. ER performed the function of a professional journal and a guide for members , who were entitled to receive it free on payment of the yearly subscriptions. The journal was not offered for sale. According to a joint agreement the editorial base was in the Institute of Ethnology, SAV in Bratislava, and this was decisive also in the choice of personnel for the posts of chief editor, editor and language/technical editor. The Institute of Ethnology, SAV also took charge of distributing the journal to members of the Ethnological Society of Slovakia. Scholarly institutions, universities and museums which were involved in the field of ethnography, ethnology or cultural anthropology in Slovakia took part in the production of the periodical through their representatives on the editorial board.   

Etnologické rozpravy took shape as a means of communication on activity, professional initiatives, findings and problems of the ethographic and ethnological community in Slovakia. The publication’s main functions were: reporting  (orientated towards informing members of the scholarly community and the ethnological community in Slovakia) and professional (based on the publication of scholarly and professional contributions from the spectrum of ethnology). From 2004 publication of ER was focused on monothematic issues on the basis of a previously determined theme, with contributions ranging within the scope of the defining idea. Each issue had identical rubrics.

Sections: Editorial (brief editors’ commentary on the issue); Studies (at least one academic study reviewed by two anonymous reviewers; texts have to focus on the main topic of the issue); Theme (the texts related to the main themes include papers, theoretical studies, translations of academic papers, interviews and more popular essays); Materials descriptive papers on material gained in empirical research); Discussions (reflections, annotations, critical reviews followed by the answer of the author); Comments (Readers’ comments on the previous issue); Reports (e.g. reports on conferences, exhibitions, researches, seminars, reviews and annotations of new publications by ethnographic and ethnological institutions in Slovakia).