Finalized projects


Narrative Everyday Life of Socialism

2010 - 2012

VEGA project
Naratívna každodennosť obdobia socializmu
Coordinating Institution: Institute of Ethnology SAS
Project coordinator: Mgr. Zuzana Profantová, CSc.
Project no.: VEGA 2/0043/10

Jewish Community, Majority Society and State Power

2010 - 2012

Internal project
Židovská komunita, majoritná spoločnosť a štátna moc po roku 1945
Project no.: 25/2010  
Project coordinator: Peter Salner, PhDr., DrSc.,
Deputy of the coordinator: Monika Vrzgulova, PhDr., CSc.,
Research participants: Ivica Bumová, PhD., Blanka Soukupová, PhDr., CSc.

Models and their Effects on Development paths: an Ethnographic and comparative Approach to knowledge transmission and livelihood strategies

2009 - 2012

International project
A collaborative project MEDEA funded through the European Commission’s FP7
Modely a ich dopad na trajektórie rozvoja: Etnografický a komparatívny prístup k transmisii poznatkov a k životným stratégiam
Coordinating institution: Anthropology Department, Goldsmiths University London, Great Britain
Project coordinator at the Institute of Ethnology SAS: Mgr. Michaela Ferencová, PhD. 

Sociocultural change in the context of the processes of globalization and post-socialist transformation - ethnological perspective

2011 - 2012

Internal project
Sociokultúrna zmena v kontexte globalizačných a post-socialistických transformačných procesov; etnologická perspektíva
Project coordinator: PhDr. Juraj Podoba, CSc.
Project no.: 29/2011

Ma bisteren – Holocaust of Roma people in Slovakia

2009 - 2012

Internal project
Ma bisteren – rómsky holocaust na Slovensku
Project coordinator: PhDr. Arne Mann, CSc.
Project no.: 12/2006

Slovakia and its identity

2010 - 2012

Internal project
Slovensko a jeho identita
Project no.: 23/2010
Project coordinator: PhDr. Peter Slavkovský, DrSc.

Traditional folk culture in Slovakia through word and picture

2010 - 2012

Science popularization project of online encyclopedia Traditional folk culture in Slovakia through word and picture 
Editor in chief: PhDr. Gabriela Kiliánová, CSc.
Duration of the project: 2010 - 2012

Ethnological researches of Slovak ethnicity in Hungary

2006 - 2012

Bilateral project
Etnologické výskumy slovenského etnika v Maďarsku 
Coordinating institution: Institute of Ethnology SAS
Project coordinator: doc. PhDr. Eva Krekovičová, CSc.

Crimes against civilian populations during WW2: victims, witnesses, collaborators and perpetrators


Multilateral Research Project in Washington (USA)
Coordinating institution: United States Holokaust Memorial Museum, Washington Project coordinator in the Institute of Ethnology SAS: Monika Vrzgulová, PhDr., CSc.

Slovakia and Its Identity

2010 - 2011

Code number: 23/2010
Project coordinator: Peter Slavkovský, PhDr., DrSc.,