Folk Knowledge: Models and Concepts

26.-28.3. 2013

International conference organized in regard to the VEGA research project Folk knowledge and its socio-cultural setting. Key speaches were lectured by professor Anthony Good (Folk Knowledge and the Law), professor John Eade (Contested Knowledges: The Politics of Pilgrimage in a Changing Europe) and Dr. William (Lee) W. McCorkle (From Compulsion to Script: The Evolution of Ritual and the Rise of Religions). 

Place: Pálffy's palace, Zámocká Street no.47, Bratislava

Concept of the event: T. Bužeková, M. Hlinčíková, D. Jerotijević a Soňa G. Lutherová

Organizational team: N. Blahová, T. Bužeková, L. Ditmarová, M. Hlinčíková, D. Jerotijević, Soňa G. Lutherová, M. Kusá, K. Tesárová a V. Wiesnerová