Oľga Danglová, CSc.

socio-economic relations, agriculture, regional development, art, folklorism in art

ORCID ID: 0000-0002-6744-4074 e-mail: olga.danglova@savba.sk
tel.:  02-5296 4707, ext. 112

Education: Ethnology, Philosophical Faculty, Comenius Univesity, Bratislava, 1968
Qualifications, scientific and honorary titles obtained: CSc. (1981)
Languages: English, Russian, Hungarian (passive)
Employed at the Institute since: 1968

Research projects

Principal investigator of the VEGA grant „ Social, economical and cultural transformations of Slovak countryside“. 2000–2002;

In 2003 a deputy of the principal investigator and in 2004 principal investigator of the VEGA grant - „Global Processes and Everyday Culture in Slovakia. Ethnological Perspective“;

From 2003 participation in the project “Cultural Identities”, Centre of Excellence;

In 2004 participation in the VEGA grant: “Arts and historical memory”;

In 2005 – 2007 Danglová plans to co-ordinate and work on VEGA grant “Social and cultural trends in Slovak countryside: implying developmental programmes on regional and local levels”;

In 2005 principal investigator of the project; A member of international team working within 6th Framework Programme focusing on „Protection for Agricultural Policy Hungary, Poland, Slovakia“, the end of the project: 1999;

In 2003 participation in grant NOS/OSI of Academia Istropolitana Nova: „Community Centre of the region of Little Carpathians– an Active Supporter of the Regional Development“;

1997–1999 Principal investigator of VEGA grant „Decoration. Tradition and today“;
Participation in the international project „Protection for Agricultural Policy Hungary, Poland, Slovakia“ of the 6th FP.  The project was finished in 1999;

2000–2002 Principal investigator of VEGA grant „Social and Cultural trends in the Slovak Village“;

2003–2005 VEGA grant „Global Processes and Everyday Culture in Slovakia. Ethnological Perspective“; 2003 substituting the principal investigator, 2004 principal investigator;

2001–2003 VEGA grant „Dynamics of Collective Identity in Time and Space: Sources and History of Oral Tradition in Slovakia“, substituting the principal investigator;

2003 participation in the NOS/OSI grant of Academia Istropolitana Nova: „Community centre of Little Carpathian region: the active supporter of regional development“;

2003–2006 participating in the project „Cultural Identities“ of the Centre Excellence SAS;

2005–2007 principal investigator of VEGA grant „Local and regional development in the context of European integration“;

Traditional Slovak Culture as a part of European Cultural Heritage, Research project APVV  0530-06 UEt SAV, 2007–2010;

From 2010 a member of the executive collective in the VEGA grant project “History of Ethnology in Slovakia in the 20th Century. Institutions, Personalities, Projects, Results”;


Other Activities

2002 – the concept and catalogue of the exposition “Fulla and the world of folk art” (in collaboration with Katarína Čierna);

Member of Scientific Collegium for Historical Sciences at SAS; member of Scientific Committee of Institute of Ethnology SAV;

Expert on Traditional and Folk Culture for Ministry of Culture (Concept of the Report on National Cultural Politics), 2003;

Member of the Art Board of the Slovak Folk Art Committe (until 2006);

Member of the Art Committee of UĽUV;

Organisation of the workshop Trends of regional and local development: Barriers and perspectives for the Institute of Ethnology SAS, together with the Centre for European Politics and the Department of Ethnology and Ethnomusicology of the University of Constantine the Philosopher in Nitra. Častá-Papiernička, 9.–11.10. 2006;

Vice-chairman of scientific comitee for PhD studies in social sciencies (until 2010);

Member of the comitee for Bc degree and MA degree exams in ethnology, socio-cultural anthropology, museology and cultural heritage;

Member of scientific comitee for PhD studies in ethnology at the Comenius University in Bratislava, Philosophical Faculty;
2007 – the conception of an exhibition and its catalogue „Otília Kopecká. Needlework“ in the Gallery of UĽUV, Bratislava;

2008 – co-operation with the National Cultural Center at designing questionnaire for needs of inventary control and identification of traditional folk culture, National Cultural Center, Bratislava;

Member of the Joint Expert Commission in the field of Doctoral Study 71-06-9 for the Social Sciences (from 2010); 

Tutor of Doctoral Study in the Discipline of 3.1.3 Ethnology.  Philosophical Faculty of Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra; 

Member of the editorial board of the journal Remeslo/Umenie/Dizajn (Craft/Art/Design);

In 2009 collaborated with the National Enlightenment Centre in preparing an electronic version of the Encyclopaedia of Folk Culture in Slovakia (member of the editorial board);

Currator and author of texts for catalogue for the exhibition Laces of Božena Jenková, Gallery of ÚĽUV, Bratislava, 2010.

Member of the Working Group on Cultural Heritage and Properte Society International for Ethnology and Folklore (SIEF)



Anthropology of Art, lectures at the Department of Ethnology and Cultural

Anthropology, Comenius University, 1999, 2000, 2001, and 2003;  Optional Lectures on Tradition in Decoration, Department of Scenography VŠMU, Bratislava.


Research stays abroad

Hungary, Néprajzi kutató intézet MTA Budapest, International Academic exchange, research on social and economic transformation after 1989 for the VEGA grant “Social, economical and cultural transformations of Slovak countryside”, 2001; Bulgaria, 2002.
Slovenia, 2007

Ireland, 2008 – attendence at 9th SIEF Congress: Transcending „European Heritages“ Liberating Ethnological Imagination with paper Folklore and politics in historical perspective, panel Politics´of Culture & Heritage. Organisation: University of Ulster, Londondery.



Award of SAS for scientific achievement

1995 for the monograph  “Encyclopedia of Folk Culture in Slovakia” (co-author)

2001 for the monograph Slovensko – európske kontexty ľudovej kultúry “Slovakia - European Context of Folk Culture” (co-author)

2002 for the publication: Oľga Danglová. Dekor Symbol (Décor. Symbol) (author)

2012 Golden Award for the life work 

2012 An award in the cathegory of science, popularization and educational activities for the electronical encyklopaedia Traditional folk culture through the word and picture, online since 2012, a member of the editorial collective, Online here.

National Award or Scholarship

1991 – an author of Etnografický atlas Slovenska (Ethnographic Atlas of Slovakia)

Literary Fund Award for Academic Writing in Social Sciences 

1995 for the monograph  “Encyclopedia of Folk Culture in Slovakia” (co-author)

2000 for the monograph Slovensko – európske kontexty ľudovej kultúry (Slovakia – European Contexts of Folk Culture) Rastislava Stoličná (Ed), Bratislava: Veda, 2000

2001 for the monograph Dekor Symbol (Décor. Symbol). Bratislava: Veda, 2001

Award of Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic

1997 – on the occasion of awarding best sportsmen, artists and researchers representing Slovak Republic abroad. The letter of gratitude from the prime minister of Slovak Republic.

International folklore festival Myjava 2007 researcher award

Award of the Slovak Ethnological Society at SAS

Ľudovít Štúr Silver Plaquette for meritorious work in the social sciences. Conferred by the Slovak Academy of Sciences Presidium in 1991.

1995 – International Award of Giuseppe Pitré-Salvatore Salomone Marino for Ethnological and Anthropological Studies, Palermo for „Encyklopédia ľudovej kultúry Slovenska (Encyclopaedia of Slovak Folk Culture)“

2008 – Special prise for the publication activity in the field of Ethnology Honorary.

2008 – Member of the Slovak Ethnological Society.

2009 – In the category “Publication“ for her book Embroidery in Slovakia.
Award of the Prime Minister and Minister of Education of the Slovak Republic. Award for the academic team of the Centre of Excellence, SAV. Collective Identities in Modern Society. The Central European Region.

2010 – Journaliste-Studio Bratislava and Club of the Scientific and Technology Journalists of the Slovak Association of Journalists under the auspices of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, Ministry of Education, Sciences, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic and Association of the Slovak Scientific and Technology Societies presented an “Honorable Recognition 2010 Award“ in the framework of electing “Scientist of 2010“.

Literary Fund Award for developing Slovak scholarship at home and abroad. Conferred in 2011 by the Literary Fund Section for Scholarly and Professional Literature and Computer Programmes.




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Edited volumes

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