The only certainty is the change: autoetnography on a transgender topic.

WIESNER, Adam. Jediná jistota je změna: autoetnografie na transgender téma. Bratislava: VEDA, 2017. 215 s. Etnologické štúdie, 30. ISBN 978-80-224-1622-1

The publication is the output of the project Application of Innovative Approaches in Ethnology / Social Anthropology in Slovakia. It fulfils the idea of ​​innovation in terms of both topic and methodology and writing style. The author integrates his personal experience into the text and thus introduces an unusually new format of scientific work into the scientific literature in Slovakia.
The monograph presents a relatively new genre in the Slovak and Czech social science community - ethnographic essayism and autoetnography. As the author himself states, this is a specific genre presented usually in the form of a descriptive or narrative monograph, in which the author is fully present and "admits" to the creation of his text and all the vicissitudes associated with scientific writing. It contrasts with the traditional analytical writing of a scientific text with a predetermined structure, where the author is absent in an attempt to make "objective" findings about reality. He masterfully uses conscious and strong reflexivity for all aspects and phases of his research. The publication can therefore also serve as a methodological textbook of autoetnography for disciplines such as social anthropology or sociology.