Reflexive Writing as a Method of Ethnographic Inquiry

Reflexívne písanie ako metóda etnografického skúmania
Coordinating institution: Institute of Ethnology and Social Anthropology SAS
Project coordinator: Mgr. Soňa G. Lutherová, PhD.
Project no.: VEGA č. 2/0088/19 
Duration: 2019-2021

The project focuses closely on the topic of ethnography as a genre, ethnographic essayistics and various formats of writing. The theme of reflexive writing is closely linked with the literary turn and the crisis of representation in anthropology. The common denominator of the project is conscious and targeted use of reflexive writing as its own method of ethnographic inquiry, which stems from postmodern criticism of language as a neutral media for the transfer of meaning (Richardson, St. Pierre, 2005; Ellis, Bochner, 2000). The resulting outcomes and publications (conference contributions, research paper, author monograph and collective monograph) aim to extend the awareness of the possibilities of textual representation within ethnographic essayistics in connection with the application of specific approaches: Creative Analytical Practice (CAP) ethnography, personal narrative, evocative autoethnography, collaborative approach, writing stories and other experimental and innovative formats of writing.
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