Scientific collections of IESA SAS

The scientific collections of the IESA SAS, along with IESA SAS Library form the Information and Documentation Section (IDS) of IESA SAS. The Department of Scientific Collections of IESA SAS has been operating since 1953 as an integral part of this scientific workplace, which provides documentation as well as information and technological support for scientific and research activities.
The scientific collections of IESA SAS have extensive textual, pictorial and multimedia documents. In addition to rare material collected in the process of  field research by our staff, they include a rich collection of photographs and drawings; folk customary material from the questionnaire survey of the Ethnographic Department of Matica Slovenská (y. 1942); a unique collection of folk tales compiled under the direction of F. Wollman; questionnaire material of the Ethnographic Atlas of Slovakia; controversial and currently inaccessible German archives; specialized collections of ballads, proverbs and other folk genres.

At present, we place special scientific research and application emphasis on digital archiving and the field of digital humanities. In the IDS, we coordinate the membership of IESA SAS as a cooperating partner in the European research infrastructure DARIAH-EU. In our activities, we try to follow the strategies of open science, open data and open software as much as possible. In addition, we organize networking activities for individuals and institutions focused on digital research in humanities in Slovakia.

 We are currently digitizing Text Archives at the workplace, which contains over 1,500 documents from ethnological and anthropological field and other research (a total of 120,000 units in various formats) and we are preparing a digital archive system for its online publication. The technological infrastructure of the department is equipped with professional scanning devices, sufficient server capacity, internal NAS storage and other necessary technical equipment.


Director of the Information and Documentation Department of IESA SAS
Andrej Gogora, PhD.
Tel .: 52964707, extension 102

Administration of Scientific Collections IESA SAS
Tomáš Kubisa M. Phil.
Tel .: 52964707, extension 107


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