Second Chance Education in Slovakia: Implementation and its barriers

RIGOVÁ, Edita, DRÁĽOVÁ, Anna, KOVÁČOVÁ, Lucia: Second Chance Education in Slovakia: Implementation and its barriers. Bratislava: Inštitút pre dobre spravovanú spoločnosť, 2021, 204 s., ISBN 978-80-973347-6-5.

The publication aims at providing data and knowledge on how the second chance education in Slovakia is practiced while looking at the legislative and regulatory framework as well as the implementation experience of both, the public administration actors and the target group.
The structure divides the publication into ten chapters. The first chapter introduces the key factors of early school leaving, as well as current trends in this phenomenon in Slovakia. The chapter provides a reader with understanding of a broader context of the second chance education implementation, including the implications related to the labour market.

The second chapter deals with the concept of second chance education, its various forms implemented in foreign countries, and the factors that possibly lead to the success of such educational models. The third chapter describes the intervention phase of the research, and the fourth one defines its methodology. The fifth chapter looks at the legislation related to the second chance education in Slovakia, while the sixth one specifies the method of its management and funding. The seventh chapter refer to the implementation of the second chance education. Specifically, it describes implementation of the courses for completion of primary education, and the two-year vocational programmes implemented by secondary vocational schools. The eighth chapter provides contextual information on the research localities and the target groups. The ninth chapter presents the findings of the research, and the final chapter shapes the recommendations to improve the setting and implementation of second chance education based on the key actors and their competencies.

Key words:
Education, second chance education, public administration, education system