Traditional folk culture in Slovakia through word and picture

During the years 2010-2012, the researchers of the Institute of Ethnology SAS had participated on creating an electronical encyclopedia Traditional folk culture in Slovakia through word and picture. The main editor at the Institute of Ethnology was PhDr. Gabriela Kilianová, CSc.
The encyclopedia was published online in March 2012 and it is available to scientists as well as public. Project was realized in cooperation with the Coordinatory centre of traditional folk culture (organization of Slovak Folk Art Collective/SĽUK). The encyclopedia contains 1813 entries and it was created by 62 authors from various scientific, educational and cultural institutions. The goal is to provide information about traditional culture in Slovakia in a popular way. The entries include rich visual information - photographs, drawings, schemes, etc. 
In the year 2013, our team at the Institute of Ethnology SAS was awarded the Annual Prize of Slovak Academy of Sciences for popularization of science.

The authors

Gabriela Kiliánová (Ed.), Mojmír Benža, Oľga Danglová, Ľubica Falťanová, Daniel Luther, Katarína Nováková, Katarína Popelková, Dušan Ratica, Peter Slavkovský, Rastislava Stoličná, Juraj Zajonc; Vladimír Kyseľ (project director), Katarína Nováková (project manager). Bratislava: Institute of Ethnology SAS; Coordinatory Centre of Traditional Folk Culture, SĽUK, 2011.

Dátum ukončenia projektu: 
December, 2012