Call for the special issue of Slovak Ethnology/ Slovenský národopis, volume 69, number 2/2021

Call for the special issue of Slovak Ethnology/ Slovenský národopis, volume 69, number 2/2021, on the topic of Memory of the Communist Past. The guest editors of the issue are Milena Benovska Sabkova, South-West University of Blagoevgrad, and Monika Vrzgulová, Institute of Ethnology and Social Anthropology, Slovak Academy of Sciences.
The journal invites analytic, theoretical or synthetic articles, research reports, essays, as well as discussions in the fields of ethnology, social and cultural anthropology and related scholarly disciplines, focused especially (but not exclusively) on the following questions related to the qualitative research of the Communist past in Central and Eastern Europe:

- How do images of socialism (if we use the emic term for the Communist dictatorship period) get communicated by the eyewitnesses as part of their biographies?
- How do experiences with life under Communist regimes influence the values and attitudes of the witnesses nowadays?
- How are representations/recollections on socialism transmitted to the younger generation (children, grandchildren)?
- How do the generations of (grand)children deal with the experiences of their (grand)parents?
- In what ways are family/social memory and cultural memory connected and interrelated? A. Assmann, Shadows of Trauma: Memory and the Politics of Postwar Identity (New York: Fordham University Press, 2016).
- How are the images of the Communist period shared in contemporary cultural memory and political discourse in Central and East European countries (in school curricula, literature, theatre, as well as documentary films, movies, museum exhibitions, memory policy)?
- What are the challenging methodological and ethical questions pertaining to the research focused on the socialist past and its current images?

Contributors are kindly requested to submit their abstracts and keywords directly through the editorial system of Slovenský národopis/Slovak Ethnology (CLICK HERE) no later than November 17, 2020.
The selected manuscripts are expected no later than February 28, 2021. The text should not exceed 6,250 words or 45,000 characters, including spaces, notes and references, and should follow the Journal’s guidelines for authors accessible HERE

Slovak Ethnology/Slovenský národopis is an academic peer-reviewed journal published by the Institute of Ethnology of the Slovak Academy of Sciences in Bratislava four times a year. The Journal is indexed in Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI, WoS) and Scopus.