Call for the special issue of Slovak Ethnology/ Slovenský národopis, volume 70, number 3/2021

Call for the special issue of Slovak Ethnology/Slovenský národopis, volume 70, number 3/2021, on the topic of Re-visiting the past and shaping the future in the cultural practices of young people. The guest editors of the issue are Anton Popov (Aston University, UK) and Dušan Deák (Comenius University, Slovakia).
Scholars from social sciences and humanities have been observing an increasing turn to public history, cultural memory and heritage in societies across the globe at least since the 1980s. The past has become a resource mobilising identity-formation in the conditions of the socio-economic transformations (Pine et al., 2004; Assmann and Shortt, 2012; Verdery, 1999). Such social engagement is one of the manifestations of ‘past presencing’ (Macdonald, 2013) that provides a safer format for re-negotiation of collective identities. Apparently, the changes of the ethno-national model of cultural identity and heritage are underway; however, the future outcome of current transformations is far from being determined. Young people both challenge and socialise in existing forms of culture and heritage, which are neither fully re-produced nor completely replaced.

The proposed special issue invites authors to contribute to these ongoing debates. The potential themes to be explored are listed below.

  • past as a resource for mobilising identity-formation
  • heritage as a mnemonic process of socialization of young people
  • re-visiting the past as a tool of intergenerational transmission
  • young people’s cultural literacy and socialization into the narratives on past
  • heritage education and practice as an ethno-national and territorialised ‘hegemonic idiom’
  • young people’s cultural practices and the process of heritage-making
  • young people’s disengagement from the ‘common history and culture’


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Contributors are kindly requested to submit their abstracts and keywords directly through the editorial system of Slovenský národopis/Slovak Ethnology (CLICK HERE) no later than March 8, 2021.
The selected manuscripts are expected no later than May 8, 2021. The text should not exceed 6,250 words or 45,000 characters, including spaces, notes and references, and should follow the Journal´s guidelines for authors accessible HERE.

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