Tomáš Hrustič


Roma and Pentecostal and Charismatic Movements, Roma Christianity, Roma Churches, inter-faith dialogue, religious conversions




Research projects


Promoting and protecting religious freedom and combating anti-Semitism (project of
National democratic institute) / Program manager for Slovakia

  • (2017–2019) Danube Region Information Platform for Economic Integration of Migrants –
     (Interreg Danube Transnational Programme)/ Communication manager
  • Since 2016 Network of Academic Institutions in Romani Studies (NAIRS) (Helsinky
    University, Finland)
  • (2016–2017) Copernicus Graduate School/ Warszava, Poland/ Romani studies Visiting
  • (2012) The Two Sides of The Coin: Gypsy Economies Between the State and the Market,
    European Science Foundation Exploratory Workshops/ Co-convenor of the workshop
  • (2012) Evaluation of Roma Education Fund Project for Slovakia (Roma Education Fund
    Budapest, Hungary)/ Investigator and Coordinator
  • (2009–2012) Anthology on Romani Pentecostalism/ Södertörn University, Stockholm,
    Sweden/ Romani Studies Thematic Expert
  • (2007–2009) Religion and Values: Central and Eastern European Research Network (6FP
    EU-REVACERN/ LP University of Szeged, Hungary)/ Member


  • (2019 –2022). Patterns of social mobility of the Roma in the light of empirical research. Critical reflection of existing practices and collection of new data. Project VEGA 2/0066/19/ PI
  • (2018–2022). Analysis of Barriers in Access to Employment for Marginalized Groups of
    Population: Selected regions of Slovakia in socio-economic, geographic and socio-
    anthropological perspective
    , Project APVV-17-0141/ Member of RT
  • (2018) Impact Evaluation of Field Social Work in Marginalized Romani Communities,
    Evaluation for Implentation Agency of Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Family/ Member
    of RT
  • (2015–2018) Label “Roma”. Its Emic and Ethic Reflections and Social Impact. Project VEGA
    2/0099/15/ since 2017 PI
  • (2010–2014) Roma in majority society: the research of models of mutual cohabitation. VEGA
    2/0014/11/ deputy project coordinator
  • (2010) SIRONA – Social Inclusion of Roma through the Religious Pathway (project PP
    2/ER2010-FSR) /deputy project coordinator