Balkan Ethnology Department
Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Studies with Ethnographic Museum – BAS
Bulgaria, 1000 Sofia, 6A Moskovska str.
E-mail:; Yelis Erolova ORCID iD icon


Roma / Gypsy groups, Islam, Muslim communities, ethnic and religious identity, migrations, cultural heritage, syncretism, religious conversions.


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Conference proceedings

  • EROLOVA, Y. (2018). ‘Nepozvoleni’ praktiki na nyakoi sveshteni mesta za myusyulmanite v
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    Conditioned by Planned Socio-Economic Integration
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Book reviews

  • EROLOVA. Y. (2017). Review of ‘Muslims and Christians in the Bulgarian Rhodopеs.
    Studies on Religious (Anti) Syncretism’, 2015 (by M. Lubanska). In: Bulgarska Etnologiya
    4: 485–489.
  • EROLOVA, Y. (2009). Review of ‘Ромската жена – пространства и граници в живота й’
    [The Roma Woman – spaces and boundaries of her life], 2008 (by E. Ivanova and V.
    Krastev). In: Bulgarska Etnologiya 1–2: 152–154.

Selected projects


  • (2018–2019) Documentary heritage of the traditional Protestant communities in
    , Endangered Archives Programme, British Library, UK/ Investigator
  • (2014–2015) Documentation of the Pre-industrial Elements in the Culture of Bulgarian
    Minorities’ Culture during the 20 th Century
    , Endangered Archives Programme, British
    Library, UK/ Investigator
  • (2010–2012) New Dimensions of Roma Mobility in CEE (A Case Study on Roma Migrations
    from Bulgaria to Poland
    . ERSTE Foundation, Fellowship for Social Researchers 2010–2011,
    Austria/ Principal Investigator
  • (2007–2008) Ethnic identity and material culture of the Roma/ Gypsies in Romania within
    the International PhD Programme Promoting Anthropology in Central and Eastern Europe
    (Marie Curie SocAnth). European Partnership for Qualitative Research Training (Social
    Anthropology) (European Community’s Sixth Framework Programme, MEST-CT-2005-
    020702)/ Investigator


  • (2018–2020) Muslim Roma in Bulgaria: Ethnic Identity and Religious Changes (National
    Scientific Program “Cultural-Historical Heritage, National Memory and Social
    Development”, Ministry of Education and Science – Republic of Bulgaria)/ Investigator
  • (2017–2020) Local Disasters and Quality of Life: Cultural Strategies in Overcoming of
    Natural, Technological and Biological Hazards and Disasters Research
    (National Science
    Fund, Ministry of Education and Science – Republic of Bulgaria)/ Investigator
  • (2012–2013) Dynamics of the Return and Reintegration Processes of Bulgarian Migrants
    (National Science Fund, Ministry of Education and Science – Republic of Bulgaria)/
    Coordinator and Investigator
  • (2009–2011) Cultural Heritage and National Identity in Terms of pan-European Labour
    (National Science Fund, Ministry of Education and Science – Republic of Bulgaria)/