Call for the special issue of Slovak Ethnology
Call for the special issue of Slovak Ethnology/Slovenský národopis, volume 71, number 4/2023, on the topic of Contemporary holidays and their transformations Until recently, ethnology and anthropology studied holidays and celebrations as a tool of maintaining...
The Book of Abstracts of the DESIRE International Conference is published
On November 3rd, 2022, the conference “Age-Friendly Environment” took place at the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Slovakia, coorganised also by our Institute and our colleagues, Soňa G. Lutherová and Ľubica Voľanská. The...
The Fourth Issue of Slovak Ethnology was published
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Send your paper to the SIEF 2023 conference
akademia romskych studii
Academy of Romani Studies
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Tomáš Hrustič has been appointed as the member of the Advisory Committee on the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities
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Our principal graphic designer, Matúš Hnát, has been awarded a prize in the prestigious National Design Award 2022 competition
The international conference Age-friendly environment
The international project Natural Hazards
The third issue of Slovak ethnology was published
GLS 2022
The international conference of Romani studies and the Annual meeting of the members of the international association Gypsy Lore Society in Belgrade
In cooperation with national partners and under the coordination of the IESA SAV team, a series of UNESCO projects is being created to support the protection of the intangible heritage of Ukraine
The SAV award for the popularization of science
We invite you to a professional seminar entitled Socio-cultural capital of successful municipalities as a source of sustainable development of the Slovak countryside